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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $100

They say the best things in life are free, and the second best are very expensive. I’m here to challenge that theory by bringing you some pretty damn good gifts, if I do say so myself, for under $100. All of these items are guaranteed to impress even your most discerning friend or family member. I know because I am that friend or family member for everyone in my life.

These are not gifts you’ll find on every other gift guide floating around. No, I specifically selected these items because they are as unique as they are budget-friendly. Chances are, your giftee may not have even heard of some of these products/brands before, and even if they have, these are not items that they’re likely to buy for themselves. Like I said, these are guaranteed to impress.

2020 Gift Ideas Under $100

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If I had to pick just one gift from this guide, it would be the Le Labo Frangrance Discovery set. Le Labo is renowned for its luxe fragrances, but picking a signature scent can be so hard! The discovery kit includes 17 trial-size scents, allowing the person to find the right one(s) for them before they commit to a whole bottle. This one is firmly at the top of my list!

Le Scarf is a celeb-loved, Swedish brand specializing in 100% silk scarves. With its chic and minimal design and multiple styling options, Le Scarf is an instant closet staple.

These dainty Maya Brenner initial earrings have been on my wishlist for multiple years. I recently had a second peircing done on my earlobes, and these will be my first purchase once I can switch the earings out!

Everyone needs a chic travel toiletry kit. This one comes in multiple colors with an added monogram option, plus it has a separate compartment for jewelry.

If you didn’t start a quarantine herb garden or a house plant menagerie, did you even experience 2020? I love the idea of gifting live plants, and this little olive tree is just to die for. The Sill also specializes in tons of other types of house plants, and there are multiple potting options to personalize your gift.

Speaking of 2020, do I even need to explain why everyone needs a UV sanitizer? This one from Bondir is large enough to fit your phone, sunglasses, and other everyday items all at once. It also has an integrated USB charger and looks sleek on your countertop or night table.

I randomly discovered Cadence travel capsules while scrolling through Instagram. The capsules are designed to hold whatever you need them to while traveling, from vitamins to mouthwash to jewelry to shampoo. Made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, the capsules are leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and TSA-compliant. They come in multiple colors and the labels are magnetic and 100% customizable to what you need. Best of all, they’re environmentally friendly. I plan to invest in several sets of these!

Finally, we have the ever-popular Bala Bands. These were sold out for most of 2020, so grab them while you can! They come in multiple color options, but you know I’m fond of this neutral beige color.

I hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift for someone on your list! As always, thank you for reading and sharing! XOXO

By Paces West

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