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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Eco-Friendly Gifts

If you read my blog posts or follow me on Instagram, you know I’m always a proponent of clean products that are good for you and good for the planet. I’ve posted many times about my favorite “green” products and brands (check out this post and this post), and I love that more and more brands are taking a more eco-friendly approach to their products. I personally find that these sustainably-minded brands are also more chic and minimalist than their counterparts, so they fit into my lifestyle in more ways than one. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below!

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide
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Let’s start with the wine, because one should always start with the wine. I received a bottle of Avaline wine as a pr gift, and immediately fell in love with the brand. Not only do they use organic grapes, they’re also transparent about other ingredients and don’t use harmful additives (plus the aesthetic packaging doesn’t hurt).

I include Cadence capsules in my gift guides every year because I love them that much. These travel capsules replace the wasteful plastic bags and mini bottles that we all use when we’re away from home. They’re made with 50% recycled material and prevent additional waste from being put into the environment – plus they’re chic af!

Typology is a brand I’ve had on my radar for a long time. Their 100% French formulations focus on only including the most essential, highest quality ingredients and their packaging and production process is designed with sustainability in mind.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me post over and over about my love for Nécessaire. I use The Body Wash or Exfoliator and The Body Lotion mixed with The Body Oil every day. Their products comply with the EU’s strict standards for safe beauty products, and they include ingredients such as Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, AHA’s, Ceramides, and more that are usually reserved for facial skincare. I suggest The Holiday Body Bundle (reg. $160, now $100) as a fantastic gift! Plus you can take 10% off your Nécessaire order with my code 10PACESWEST.

MATE‘s cozy, neutral loungewear is made sustainably in Los Angeles with non-toxic, natural, and Organic materials.

I love my reusable Stasher bags and have successfully replaced my single-use plastic bags with them. I’m slowly building my collection of these, because they are quite an investment when used for everything every day, which makes them the perfect thing to gift someone.

Finally, I love my MERIT beauty products! These next-level clean, environmentally-conscious makeup products have become some of my favorite products of all time. I use The Minimalist in shade Bisque (blended with the No.1 brush) as my everyday foundation and use Day Glow in Cava as the perfect highlighter.

By Paces West

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