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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Amazon Gifts

Every year I procrastinate with my holiday shopping. I don’t even try to pretend that I won’t do it again next year at this point. One thing I know is that I always have Amazon Prime to save me from myself. Which is honestly fitting because I rely on it the other 364 days a year, so why would Christmas be any different? I’ve rounded up some great Amazon finds that are perfectly giftable and currently scheduled to arrive before Christmas!

Last Minute Gifts on Amazon
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I’m obsessed with this ribbed glassware which is my most recent Amazon find! They look so similar to the Ferm Living versions you see all over Instagram, and they’re the perfect chic addition to any home coffee bar.

I include these Bala Bangles in my gift guides every year, which is probably a sign that I should actually buy a pair for myself – or someone (cough, Max) should buy them for me. I think they are so chic and sleek and love that they come in so many colors to fit your personal style.

You’ve probably seen these Beast Blenders in Instagram ads, and I’ve had to stop myself from buying one more than a few times. I’m a ride-or-die Vitamix gal, but these blenders are so sophisticated I just lust after the thought of seeing them in my pantry.

I have one of the Vin Glacé wine chillers, and can confirm they keep the wine freakishly cold for hours despite not being refrigerated. I love this as a hostess gift idea!

You can never go wrong with a nice candle as a gift in a pinch. Pair it with a match cloche for an added touch!

I finally bought myself a Dyson hair dryer this year, so I think the next logical gift from me to me is a Theragun. I’ve lusted after them for years, but it’s just such a weird thing to buy yourself. Take that as a sign that this is a great last minute gift!

I know bucket hats are a controversial accessory, and the winter-sized versions even more so. It took me a while to come around too, but I’m officially a bucket hat convert, sherpa version and all. Pair it with this sherpa tote for a cozy gift!

By Paces West

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