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Apple Cider Moscow Mule

Atlanta has finally gotten the memo that it’s fall, and not a moment too soon! I won’t pretend it’s crisp and chilly here yet, but it is noticeably cooler and not our usual sauna weather so I’ll take it!

Now that football season is well under way, I have friends and family over pretty much every weekend to watch the games. I am by no means a football super fan, but it does give me the perfect excuse to experiment with some new fall cocktail recipes!

What is it about Moscow mules that just makes you think of fall? I can’t think of a better way to spend a fall day than sitting on a patio somewhere sipping a mule out of an icy copper mug. I’m not a pumpkin spice latte girl, but you’ll never see me turn down a Moscow mule. My other favorite fall beverage is apple cider beer. It’s basically just fall in a bottle! So, this past weekend I thought why not combine my two favorite fall drinks into one epic fall beverage? Thus, the Apple Cider Moscow Mule was born! The audience in my living room gave it 5/5 stars.

The drink itself is super easy to make – no shaker or weird ingredients required! However, I should note that I am a Moscow mule snob, and if you are going to make a proper Moscow mule you should (1) always use ginger beer, not ginger ale or sprite and (2) always serve it in a copper mug, trust me it just tastes better!

See the full recipe with variation notes below! CHEERS!

apple cider Moscow mule

apple cider Moscow mule

apple cider Moscow mule

apple cider Moscow mule

apple cider Moscow mule

apple cider Moscow mule

apple cider Moscow mule

apple cider Moscow mule

Apple Cider Moscow Mule
  • 2 oz vodka
  • 4 oz ginger beer
  • 4 oz apple cider beer
  • 1 honeycrisp apple (sliced)
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  1. Fill a copper mug to the rim with ice (crushed if possible)

  2. Pour vodka over ice, followed by ginger beer and apple cider beer

  3. Stir with cinnamon stick to combine flavors

  4. Top with honey crisp apple slices

  5. **NOTES**

    (1) Leave the cinnamon stick in the mug while you enjoy the beverage. Even though it may not add a ton of flavor, the scent is heavenly with each sip and enhances the overall taste!

    (2) For a sweeter version, you could stir in a bit of ground cinnamon and a few drops of caramel sauce (or use caramel flavored vodka!)

    (3) For a more classic version, you could leave out the cinnamon stick and apple garnish and instead use a lime wedge and fresh ginger

By Paces West

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