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Artificial Plants That Don’t Look Fake, Faux Real

Artificial plants offer a range of benefits you can’t get from real ones – no repotting, no need to place it in a spot by a window, no worrying about how often to water, and no coming home to a mess after your pet became a little too interested, to name a few. The drawback is that there are so many options available, at a wide range of prices, making it hard to decide which one is right for your space. I’m rounding up some of my personal favorites below!

Large Floor Plants

Crate and Barrel Faux Olive Tree

7′ Artificial Olive Tree

Confession, I have four, yes FOUR, of these trees. While they certainly aren’t the cheapest option around, I love their height and fullness. I put two outside on my covered patio, and two inside in my living room and breakfast area. The basket shown is not included with the tree, but it was easy to find new potting options that elevate the look (and height) of the tree.

7′ Artificial Olive Tree (Budget Option)

I’m a sucker for olive trees, hence why I went all out buying the above option. I just love the clean Mediterranean vibe they exude. While the ones I bought are on the expensive side (thankfully I got them on promo), you don’t always have to spend a ton of money to get a quality artificial tree. My mom recently purchased two of these trees from Amazon and they are fantastic. While not as full as the above version, these have a distinctly authentic look and you would never guess they weren’t the real thing once you place them in a gorgeous planter.

Nearly Natural Artificial Snake Plant

3′ Artificial Snake Plant With Black Pot

Snake plants, in both their natural and artificial forms, have become extremely popular in recent years. They perfectly complement modern, minimalist style and easily fit into an empty corner. I love this one because it includes a sleek black planter in its already affordable price.

Terrain Faux Bird of Paradise Tree

6′ Faux Bird of Paradise Tree

I love a bird of paradise tree. It summons the tropical warm feeling of a palm tree without being quite as cliché (no hate on palm trees, I just feel they’re overused!).

Potted Tabletop Plants

Studio McGee Artificial Olive Bush

Studio McGee x Threshold Artificial Olive Bush

Remember my weakness for olive trees? This is the same one in the cover photo of this post. I absolutely love the curvature of the plant which makes it even more realistic than others I’ve seen. Someone stop me before I buy 5 more…

CB2 Chinese Money Plant

Potted Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese money plant is said to bring luck and wealth. I’m going to go ahead say that applies to artificial ones as well, especially since I can only assume it’s good luck to not be able to kill it.

Crate and Barrel Potted Yucca

Artificial Potted Yucca

You don’t see artificial Yucca plants everywhere, which is perhaps why I like this one so much. It gives off a laid-back Southwestern vibe that I’m seriously into.

Faux Rubber Plant

The art of feng shui teaches that the shape of the rubber plant’s leaves makes it ideal for placement in corners to counter sharp lines. I love the height and realism of this one for such an affordable price point.

Versatile Artificial Stems

Pottery Barn Faux Green Petal Leaf Branch

Faux Green Petal Leaf Branch

I’ve seen these stems being used in multiple eye-catching arrangements on Instagram, and I’m determined to make a centerpiece of my own. These individual stems are pricey but take a look at a few of the real-life examples on the website and you’ll be just as obsessed as I am.

Wayfair Green Leaf Branch

Green Leaf Branch (Budget Option)

I love these stems as a budget option to the pricier ones above. An additional bonus is that these are actually taller than the ones above as well.

Pottery Barn Curling Willow Branch

Faux Curling Willow Branch

I love a wild willow branch centerpiece. There’s just something so simple yet artistic about it. Minimal effort for maximum effect – sign me up!

Amazon Artificial Olive Stems

Artificial Olive Branch Stems

You had to know I was going to close out this post with something olive-related. I bought a ton of olive stems from Amazon for a large arrangement in my entryway, and unfortunately, they are now sold out. These are the most similar I can find and have a great price point compared to what you’ll see elsewhere.

I hope these picks help inspire you to bring the outside into your home! As a final tip, I suggest looking at Target for fantastic planters at budget-friendly prices. I have several in my home and am constantly impressed at their quality. On the higher end, I also love CB2. They have great options at mid-range prices. When you’re in need of a true statement piece, there is always Restoration Hardware. I have a few of their vases and they are so unique and special. Just be prepared to pay for their premium prices.

If you’re interested in seeing more posts like this, let me know if the comments! As always, thank you so much for reading and sharing! XOXO

By Paces West

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