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At Home Mini Indulgences

At the beginning of the year, I wrote this post on my goals for the new year. I wanted to set an intention to focus on wellness in 2019, and I personally think “wellness” can mean a variety of different things. One of the things I’ve been trying to do so far is focus on self-care, no matter what small form that may take. I’ve been making it a point to “treat myself” to mini indulgences at home and I’ve found that I really look forward to these little items throughout my week. Since I’m loving it so much, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been doing, and hopefully inspire you to treat yo self too!


Until a few months ago, I had never really used at-home face masks. I randomly decided to try some out one day and a new addiction was born! There are few things I enjoy more than a good face mask and a glass of wine at the end of a long day. I find it so relaxing and I LOVE trying out new masks. 

One of my favorites is this one from the brand Pacifica. It’s vegan, cruelty free, and smells U N B E L I E V A B L E. It has a tingling, cooling quality which feels amazing, and my skin feels plumped and hydrated afterwards. It’s also a great price point, which makes it a guilt-free indulgence, which is really the best kind right?

My obsession has gotten so crazy that I’ve now dedicated an entire drawer in my bathroom to my face mask collection. Like all my drawers, I organize the contents with these containers and the joy I feel when opening it must be equivalent to how a child feels when opening a candy drawer haha! 

See below for a few of my favorite masks and mask accessories! I have tried and enjoyed all of these and I hope you’ll try out a few and find your own favorite indulgence! P.S. if you’re traveling, I highly suggest this Charlotte Tilbury mask! It’s a dry sheet mask so you can apply it on the plane mess free and without the need to rinse. I tried it on our last international flight and loved it, despite one embarrassed husband!


I started keeping my rose quartz facial roller in my refrigerator last summer as a refreshing break from the heat. At first I thought it would just be superficial relief, but I soon realized what a powerful de-puffer this little device can be! I have the worst dark circles and puffy face in the mornings, and rolling this cold stone all over my face first thing in the morning has really helped combat that. Plus, it kills the time while the coffee is making haha! 

Once I realized how much the refrigerator seriously upped my quartz roller game, I started keeping a few of my favorite face masks in there as well. Then, I also started putting more skincare products in the fridge because I read it can help them stay fresher longer and, let’s face it, it just felt fantastic to apply the cold serums to my skin. Soon enough, my fridge had more skincare products than actual food.

Enter the skincare fridge! I bought this small, inexpensive fridge to keep in my bathroom to hold my face roller and a select few skincare products just to see if I’d actually use it. Let me tell you, I am hooked! I currently have this little guy hidden in a corner of my closet because it was the only inconspicuous outlet, but I’m hoping to have an outlet installed under my bathroom vanity counter so I can move it to a more convenient space. 

If you have the space, I highly suggest indulging in one of these! It just makes every day items feel more soothing and if I’m being totally honest, having a mini fridge in my bathroom makes me feel fancy and I love it!


I’ve been diffusing essential oils for years for aromatherapy. I’m the type of person who would have candles burning day and night, but with all the health concerns surrounding fragrances and different waxes, I try to limit the number of hours I’m burning them. Essential oils are a healthier and safer alternative and you can customize and combine the scents based on your preferences.

I bought this diffuser several years ago and it’s amazing. You can use the remote control to customize the density of the scent, the frequency at which it diffuses, and set a timer so you can walk away and forget about it. I also love that it does not require water to dilute the oil like other diffusers.

I’m linking a few other stylish diffuser options at different price ranges below! I’m particularly interested in the portable oil diffuser and considering investing in it so I can take it with me when I travel!

I’ll keep sharing more mini self-care ideas as I continue on my wellness-seeking journey this year! What little things do you do for yourself that help you feel relaxed, centered, or just plain fancy? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Whether it’s putting on a fluffy bathrobe, taking a hot bath, or just savoring a delicious glass of champagne, I encourage you to do one tiny thing for yourself each day that makes you feel good. In other words, treat yo self sistas!

As always, thank you for reading and sharing! XOXO

By Paces West

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