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Gift Guide: For Your BFF

Some of the most fun gifts to shop for are those for your girlfriends! It’s almost like shopping for yourself in some way. All of the below gifts are ones that I would love for myself, and ones which I know my BFFs would love.

For this guide, I tried to find gifts are various price ranges, since I know buying gifts for all of your friends can get a bit pricey. Many of these are perfect for gift exchanges with price limits as well!

Gift Guide for friends

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I included another version of the Anecdote candle in my Gift Guide: For the Homebody. I love that they each have quirky descriptions of their scents! The bottomless mimosas candle is perfect for a girlfriend!

The tiger PJ set is probably my favorite thing in this guide! I’m so drawn to the print and fabric. It’s such a great price, I may get one for myself too!

I’ve been obsessed with these Maya Brenner initial earrings for so long! They are definitely on the pricier side, but I just think they are so dainty and chic.

The wine condoms honestly made me laugh out loud. I thought these would be a great stocking stuffers of a tie-on for a bottle of wine gift!

Hopefully this guide helps you find inspiration for your lady gang gifts! If you wanted to send 1 or 2 my way, I wouldn’t complain!

As always, thank you for reading and sharing! XOXO and Happy Holidays!

By Paces West

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