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Holiday Hostess Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, which means lots of seasonal soirées and festive fêtes! Finding the perfect little hostess gifts for all of these parties can be tough, but I’ve got you covered with this holiday hostess gift guide. I’m rounding up some of my favorite go-to hostess gifts, all of which are under $50!

You can shop directly from the collage or read on for more gift options by category! I also cover the “don’ts” of hostess gifts. Because believe it or not, there are some gifts you should not bring to your next occasion! Scroll down for all the details!

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A high-end candle is an excellent hostess gift! Anthropologie is always my go-to for candles because of their wide selection of scents and packaging. Some of their candles are so gorgeous, they barely need any additional wrapping before gifting! I always stock up on their seasonal scents this time of year to use as hostess gifts. My favorites this year are this apple spice scented one and this adorable ornament shaped one. Also, how gorgeous is this candle? This is already prettier than most gift wrapping!


Ornaments can be such a fun gift and can become a tradition all their own. I love to use ornaments as a tie-on for a bottle of wine or on top of a wrapped gift! You can find some of my favorite giftable tie-on ornaments here, here, and here. Also, stay turned for my ultimate ornament guide coming soon!


As long as you are certain your hosts drink alcohol, a bottle of wine is an excellent gift to bring to a party! You don’t have to go over the top and buy the most expensive bottle on the shelf, but do make sure you buy a good quality bottle at a reasonable price. Bonus points if you know your host’s favorite brand and bring that! As I mentioned above, you can dress up the bottle with a cute ornament tie-on or you can put it in a festive wine bag like this one or top it with a wine hat like these!


Who doesn’t love a cute coffee or tea mug? You can easily dress up a mug with a “hot cocoa kit” or some premium tea bags for an instantly thoughtful gift! I’m personally swooning over the deer mug in the collage, which also comes in a swan and a giraffe. You also can never go wrong with a classic monogrammed mug, and these his and hers mugs are too cute!


Yes, there are some things a hostess would rather not receive as a gift the night of her party. I’ve outlined them below!

Flowers: Bringing a bouquet of flowers might seem like a great gift, but in reality it should be avoided. When you present a hostess with cut flowers, she has to then find a vase for them and put them in water. This takes time away from her other guests and creates an unexpected task for her in the middle of her party!

If you’d like to bring a gift in the botanical family, bring a potted orchid or succulent. Anything that does not need immediate attention is okay!

Food/Desserts: Unless you are specifically asked to do so, you should not come to a party bearing food. Chances are your hosts have put a lot of time into planning out the food for their party and will not enjoy having to find a place for something that will likely disrupt their menu and table planning. Of course, you can always bring a box of high-end chocolates or something of that nature!

Home Décor Items: Lastly, you should avoid gifting an item which the host will feel obligated to have on display every time you come to their home. Small trinkets (such as candles or mugs!) are great, but any items that would need to be hung on the wall or permanently displayed should be steered clear of!

HAPPY GIFTING! If you have any other great hostess gift ideas, I would love to hear! As always, thank you so much for reading and sharing!

Happy holidays! XOXO

By Paces West

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