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Mykonos! Here We Go Again

Traveling to a new city or country is always exciting, and throughout my early 20’s my main mission in life was to travel to as many new countries as possible. It was a point of pride for me when I ran out of pages in my passport, and when I qualified for Diamond Medallion status on Delta.

My thirst for travel has definitely not changed over the years (though I don’t think I’ll ever put myself through enough flights in one year to qualify for Diamond Status ever again), but the way I travel certainly has. Instead of looking at new places as an exciting new passport stamp or a way to sound cool when I say things like, “When I was at a farmer’s market in Prague…”, I’ve really started to put an emphasis on actually experiencing a new place and enjoying everything it has to offer.

With that mindset comes a desire to stay in cities for as long as possible (no more visiting 4 countries in a week!), and even more surprising, an eagerness to return to places I’ve already been *gasp*.

It is for this reason that we found ourselves in Mykonos for a week this summer, even though we’d already visited the island last year. If you read my full guide to Mykonos, you know we absolutely fell in love with this place and could not wait to return. Truth be told, after this most recent trip we genuinely tried to plan a trip back at the end of this summer, but unfortunately couldn’t make the stars align with our schedules.

What makes Mykonos so special, you ask? For us, it’s the energy the city exudes. It’s the type of place where you literally feel like there’s nothing bad in the world, and everyone is so relaxed and friendly. During the day you can hang out at your hotel pool, or enjoy one of the many beach clubs, or wander the labyrinthine streets of the town. At night, the town comes alive with a vibrant club scene, amazing restaurants set under canopies of bougainvillea, and shops open well into the wee hours. It truly is a magical place, and one where we know we’ll return year after year.

During this trip we visited some of our absolute favorite spots again, like Interni and M-eating, but we were also fortunate enough to have more time to experience new places as well. In this recap, I’m going to focus on the new spots we found in order to avoid redundancy, but you can read alllll about our old favorites in my guide to Mykonos from last summer.

Read on to learn all about our new favorites and updated recommendations! For those of you just here for the swimsuit and outfit links – no judgment sista, scroll on down for a ‘Shop the Post’ feature at the end!


Last year, we stayed in the Myconian Ambassador hotel near Platis Gialos beach. While we loved that property, we knew this year we wanted to be a little closer to the town as opposed to the beaches.

After doing a TON of research, we decided to stay at Cavo Tagoo hotel, which was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made in our travels. From the friendly and attentive staff, to the fresh and delicious breakfast spread, to the luxurious and stunning guest rooms, there is literally nothing not to like about this hotel. It felt like our own little slice of paradise and I’m not exaggerating when I say it was painful to leave.

Since we stayed in Mykonos for 6 nights, we had time to take advantage of everything this hotel had to offer. We split our stay between two different rooms, 3 nights in each. The first room we stayed in was called the “2 Bedroom Suite with Private Pool.” You can catch a detailed room tour on my saved stories on Instagram under “Mykonos.” I loved this room because the pool was huge and the extra room made for plenty of storage space. Side note, many of the rooms at Cavo Tagoo have private pools or jacuzzis, but the hotel’s main pool is a stunning infinity pool with gorgeous views and sunbeds built in. Max and I love the privacy and seclusion that comes with having our own in-room pool (not to mention it makes it 10x easier to take blog photos haha), but if that’s not your thing then the hotel pool or one of the many beach clubs in Mykonos are great alternatives.

For the second half of our stay, we moved to the “1 Bedroom Golden Villa.” Although I missed the extra space we had in the 2-bedroom suite, I did love that the golden villa was a little bit higher up on property and therefore provided more seclusion. I also did a full room tour of this room on my saved Instagram stories! One thing I loved about this room was the outdoor dining area. We ordered room service for lunch everyday since we knew we’d be going out to dinner every night, so having the space to sit down and eat was great!

Aside from eating lunch in our room, we also went down to breakfast at the hotel every morning. The selection was unreal and was easily one of the top 3 hotel breakfasts I’ve ever experienced! I particularly loved that they had fresh watermelon, orange, grapefruit, and melon juices. I’m obsessed with watermelon juice and I probably drank an entire watermelon’s worth every morning. They also offered champagne with breakfast, which you know your girl loves!

Most days we were content to just laze around on our pool deck, enjoying the views and the quiet time. However, on our last day we did venture out for a boat day and we are so happy we did! Igor, the concierge at Cavo Tagoo, was kind enough to arrange the boat for us, and set us up with an amazing captain and hostess. Kostas and Margaret were so friendly and knowledgeable, and we had such a fun day cruising around Mykonos! For part of the day, they took us to a tiny, quiet beach where we could swim in the crystal clear water. The water was so clear it could have been mistaken for a pool! We’re so glad we had this experience and if you have the time while you’re in Mykonos, I highly recommend it!

Overall, I cannot recommend Cavo Tagoo enough, and I can honestly say we cannot picture ourselves ever staying anywhere else in Mykonos. Even though we couldn’t make it back for another trip this summer, I can assure you we will be back again next year!

Oh, and one last note, the passion fruit martinis at the hotel bar are quite possibly the best cocktails I’ve ever had. It takes a lot to get me off of the champagne train, but these martinis were so fresh and delicious…and dangerous!

what to do in mykonos


Mykonos is home to some amazing restaurants and nightlife. We experienced it during our trip last year, and we couldn’t wait to go back to some of our old favorites!

Interni is BY FAR our favorite place in Mykonos. I could go on and ON about how much fun it is (and I do in this blog post). But it’s really just something you have to experience yourself. We regret not going twice this trip, it’s that good! The best nights are Friday and Saturday, when the restaurant turns into a dance party after midnight. We love it because even though it’s an elegant, upscale restaurant, it’s still a fun time where you can dance until the wee hours of the morning. For us, it’s the best of both worlds! Personally, I suggest a dinner reservation around 10-10:30PM, that way you’re finished with dinner but still have your own private table once the dancing starts.

We also returned to M-Eating, another favorite from last year and one that is consistently ranked as the best food in Mykonos. The food is so good here and everything sounds so delicious that it’s easy to over order! We fell victim to that mistake and left feeling painfully full, but it was well worth it.

This trip, we discovered Kastro’s, which immediately became a new favorite. This restaurant is well-known in Mykonos and has the most picturesque seating in a tiny alleyway leading to the water. I unknowingly snapped a picture of this restaurant during our trip last year because I thought it was so quintessentially Myconian. I had no idea until we arrived for dinner that it was the same place! The food here is delicious AND reasonably priced, a rarity anywhere I feel.

what to do in mykonos

We waited a little longer for our table because I of course had a specific one I wanted, but there was an adorable little courtyard outside the restaurant where it was all too easy to enjoy a glass of wine and wait patiently.

Another new place we tried out was Ling-Ling. We’d heard good things about this place and since it’s owned by Hakkasan Group, whose restaurants and clubs we’ve been to in the past and enjoyed, we expected to like it. Not for nothing, it’s also next door to Interni and has a similar vibe from the exterior, so we expected the experience to be the same as our favorite spot. However, while there was nothing wrong with the food or service, we found the food to be extremely overpriced for what you get and the atmosphere did not make up for it. We ended up going to Interni’s bar for a drink after our dinner. So, although there was nothing overtly wrong with this place, I would skip it.

Our only major regret from this trip was that we were not able to return to Katrin’s, where we had an amazing experience last year. We planned to go there on our last night, but we were so tired from our boat day that we opted to eat at the hotel instead. You can read all about Katrin’s, in this blog post, but if you’re heading to Mykonos just know this one is a can’t-miss!


A quick note on beach clubs since this was one of the main questions I got from my Instagram stories. Last year, we stayed near the beach and went to the Branco beach club one day and Nammos on another day. You can read all about our beach club experiences in this blog post, but in general we found them to be overpriced and crowded, especially Nammos.

This year, we were able to have our own private pools in our hotel suites, so there was no need to go to the beach clubs. This is exactly what we wanted, but again if you are dying to go to the beach, I would suggest avoiding Nammos. Scorpios is equally famous, but has a much better reputation for service (though still expensive).

We had planned to go to Scorpios at least for a sunset cocktail one of our nights, but we never quite made it. However, our boat captain did anchor off of Scorpios’ beach for us to watch the sunset, and we could hear the music and have a clear view of all the Scorpios happenings. The vibe seemed very different from Nammos and one which I could definitely see myself enjoying, so it’s definitely on my list for next time!

If you have any other lingering Mykonos questions, just ask me in the comments! I hope I can help your experience be as amazing as mine was!

As always, thank you for reading and sharing! XOXO

By Paces West

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