• guide to Santorini

    Paces West Travels: Guide to Santorini

    Although Max and I have been married for almost a full year now, we had not taken our honeymoon until just recently. I’m an avid supporter of a delayed honeymoon, but eight months delayed was pushing it even for me – I mean, TBH I felt a little embarrassed to even call it our “honeymoon” […]

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    August 18, 2018 By Paces West
  • Date Night In (with Pasta!)

    Since getting married and moving into our first house this past year, Max and I have a TON of new kitchen gadgets just begging to be broken in. Case in point, our Philip’s Pasta Maker. Although we cook at home most nights, I can’t pretend that includes full on everything-made-from-scratch meals each week. Thus, our […]

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    August 17, 2018 By Paces West
  • quinoa bowl with garlic yogurt dressing

    Vegetarian Quinoa Bowl with Garlic Yogurt Dressing

    PSA: Chopt Creative Salad Co. will sell you their salad dressings! If you live near and frequently enjoy a Chopt, you are probably just as excited as I am right now! That, or you’ve known about this for years and are wondering how I’ve just now caught on. If you don’t live near a Chopt, […]

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    August 16, 2018 By Paces West
  • avocado toast

    The Not-Toast Avocado Toast

    My name is Hannah and I am OBSESSED with avocados. These healthy green fruits (I actually had to google whether avocados were fruits or veggies for this post) delight me with their nutrient-dense deliciousness on the daily. One of my favorite ways to enjoy avocados is…shocker…on toast. While delicious, the drawback to avocado toast is […]

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    August 15, 2018 By Paces West
  • fruit and yogurt breakfast bowl

    Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Bowl

    I’m a big fan of starting the morning off right, but for most people that’s easier said than done. My “perfect morning” doesn’t happen most days, but I try to remind myself that it doesn’t always have to be “perfect” in order to be “right”. Some days I have the time and energy to do yoga […]

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    August 14, 2018 By Paces West
  • gg cracker with goat cheese, fig, pear, and honey

    GG Crackers with Goat Cheese, Fig, Pear, and Honey

    Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of GG Crackers. They are having a major moment and are taking over social media feeds everywhere. I apparently do, in fact, live under a rock because I just heard about them a few weeks ago! Naturally, I immediately read all about them and ran out […]

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    August 13, 2018 By Paces West
  • The Edit: Summer Statement Bags: photo collage of summer statement bags

    The Edit: Summer Statement Bags

    Who doesn’t love a good statement piece in the summer? It’s definitely the season where you can be a bit more bold with your wardrobe – and I just love all of the bright colors and fun prints after a winter filled with all-black-everything. In general, I’m a neutral palette kind of girl, so I […]

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    August 11, 2018 By Paces West
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