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Size-Inclusive Denim

Does anyone else consider jean shopping to be a wholly unpleasant experience? I thought so. I have been my current height (5’11”) since middle school and one thing that was always difficult for me was finding pants that were long enough. The few denim brands that did offer longer lengths only did so in their most basic pieces. Needless to say, I wore a lot of cropped pants. The other issue I ran into was that even if I could find jeans that were long enough, it still did not guarantee a good fit in my waist, hips, and thighs. I am certain I am not unique in these problems!

A few years ago, I discovered that J.Crew makes the majority of their denim and pants in “tall” lengths and I have pretty much exclusively purchased my denim there ever since. Recently, I discovered that they have added even more size-inclusive fits. They have always had petite and tall, but now they have “curvy” fits in several denim styles as well. I also saw that Madewell (owned by J.Crew) now has a “taller” length too in addition to their petite, regular, and tall fits. Can I get an AMEN from all my fellow Amazonian ladies?!

It’s nice to see retailers finally catching on to fact that while women may come in all shapes and sizes, what we do have in common is that we all like to wear jeans!

One other thing I’d like to highlight about J.Crew – they also offer most of their coats and blazers as well as many of their tops and blouses in petite and tall sizes. While pants have always been the true concern for me, it is so nice to not have to worry about my coat sleeves being too short or (for my petite ladies) having to take a trip to the tailor. This is just not something you see very often and I am loving it!

In addition to J.Crew and Madewell, I’m highlighting a few other size-inclusive brands to check out below:

Good American: While I do not personally own any Good American jeans (yet!), I love that they stock all of their styles in a full size run (00 – 24). You can also see all of their jeans on three different fit models sized 0, 8, and 16.

Anthropologie: Anthro’s in-house denim brand, Pilcro, offers many of their styles in petite and tall. They also recently added a curvy fit!

ASOS: Like J.Crew, ASOS not only offers pants in a variety of lengths and fits, but they also offer coats, jackets, sweaters, and tops in petite, tall, and plus sizes. I have shopped at ASOS for several years now and I am always impressed with their size and fit offerings!

Nordstrom: In the past two years, Nordstrom has publicly launched an initiative to offer more size-inclusive styles across the board. In stores they are adding size 12 mannequins in addition to the standard size 2 as well as adding signage highlighting brands that offer additional sizes. They’ve also added a filter tool on their website which allows customers to search by regular, extended, plus, and petite sizes and they clearly define what sizes those categories include. What I think is great is that they are putting major pressure on brands they carry to be more size-inclusive, which we’ll see trickle down to other stores as brands realize there is a market for additional sizes!

What are some of your favorite size-inclusive brands?

Scroll down for outfit links! This pair of jeans is several years old, so this specific wash is no longer in stock but I linked the exact fit in a similar wash.

size-inclusive denim

size-inclusive denim

size-inclusive denim

size-inclusive denim

SCARF / SUNGLASSES / TOP / JEANS / BAG / BOOTS (linked similar)

Do you know and love any of the size-inclusive brands I highlighted above? Are there any others I should know about? Let me know in the comments! As always, thank you so much for reading! XOXO

By Paces West

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