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The Edit: Summer Statement Bags

Who doesn’t love a good statement piece in the summer? It’s definitely the season where you can be a bit more bold with your wardrobe – and I just love all of the bright colors and fun prints after a winter filled with all-black-everything. In general, I’m a neutral palette kind of girl, so I often struggle to convince myself to buy pieces in eye-catching hues or designs because I question their longevity or whether or not I will actually wear them.

However, one place I never shy away from a statement is with my accessories. I just cannot say no to a daring bag or a striking pair of earrings (no matter how many times Max reminds me that I “already have several that look just like it”). A statement-making accessory is the perfect opportunity to put your personality on display without going full Phoebe Buffay circa 1998.

I have personally been carrying the bamboo ark bag dupe all summer and I get so many compliments everywhere I take it – plus I never get sick of people’s reactions when I tell them they can get it on Amazon for under $50! I think that adorable watermelon clutch might be my next acquisition…

Scroll for links!The Edit: Summer Statement Bags: photo collage of summer statement bags

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