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Workout Wear Wishlist

Does anyone else feel like they’re more motivated to workout if they have cute gear? I’ve been pretty delinquent with my workouts lately (I blame the cold weather), but summer is on its way and it’s time to get back on track. When I get in these funks, I usually look for some snazzy new gear to help pep me up. Like any event or night out, I always feel an extra jolt of enthusiasm if I have a cute outfit to wear!

True to my neutral-loving soul, I used to gravitate towards all black workout wear. It just felt like the obvious choice, plus it converted nicely to what I like to call “errand wear”. In the past year or so, however, I’ve found myself wanting more colorful, printed athletic gear. Call me crazy, but I genuinely feel happier about working out when I get to wear my bright, fun attire. There’s definitely some sort of science behind this that I’m not aware of.

cute activewear

cute activewear

When looking for athletic attire, Carbon38, Revolve, and Nordstrom are my go-to sites. I also recently discovered Bandier, a female-founded, New York-based fashionable activewear company. I instantly fell in love with their selection and I’m super excited to try out some of their items!

I’ve broken down some of my favorites by category below. I already own some of these, and others are on my wishlist! Note that anytime there was a matching set, I tried to grab both pieces. So, if you like one of the leggings, be sure to look for a matching sports bra or tank in those categories! Also, many of these items come in multiple colorways. I picked the ones that I love the most, but if you’re not feeling a particular color but you like the piece, check to see if it comes in another version!

shop leggings

When I shop for leggings, I prefer high-waisted, full length styles. I feel like the high waist is just more flattering, and I like that you can wear a cropped top or sports bra with them without showing too much skin. My next purchase will 100% be these polka dot leggings from Bandier. I am just obsessed with this print! There is a matching top, but I don’t think it’s right for me because there’s just a little too much visible torso for my taste (tall girl problems). I’m hoping the brand will make more styles in this cute print, but for now I think the leggings would go perfectly with a black or white top.

Both of the leggings I’m wearing in this post are by Alo Yoga. You can find the pink ones HERE and the taupe ones HERE! Alo Yoga is one of my favorite workout wear brands. I love their unique color selection! The colors tones they use have a soft, soothing vibe that doesn’t compromise on statement or style. 

I LOVE a matching workout set! It just makes the look feel more finished in my opinion. Many of the bras and tops above correspond to the leggings in the previous section! 

The top I’m wearing in the post cover can be found HERE and is again Alo Yoga. One of the reasons I love this brand (and have so many pieces from them) is because they carry many of their colorways across their whole line. So, in most cases, there is not just one legging that matches one sports bra or top. You can mix and match styles to meet your preferences, but the colors will still match up! As I said before, I love a matchy matchy set so this has major appeal to me!

cute activewear

cute activewear

cute activewear

You can shop my pink cropped hoodie HERE!

The sneakers I’m wearing in the cover photo can be found HERE

cute activewear

What are some of your favorite activewear brands? Let me know in the comments!

As always, thank you for reading and sharing! XOXO

By Paces West

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