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A Minimalist, Scandinavian-Inspired Christmas Table

For the past few years, I’ve gone with a glam, all-white themed Christmas tablescape. This year, I felt like I wanted to switch things up a bit and go with a more minimalist approach. I love to do different types of décor themes every couple of years, and I have boxes upon boxes of Christmas decorations to prove it. I didn’t even dig in to those for this year’s table, however. Instead, I paired some everyday décor items with a few natural elements, and I love the understated result.

This gorgeous fresh cypress garland is from my local Pike Nursury. I usually invest in faux decorations so I can enjoy them for years to come (see above regarding boxes of Christmas items), but I’m in love with the natural vibe this year. It was only $15 for 8 feet, and I’m kicking myself for not getting more of them for all over the house. I can already promise you’ll see more of these in my décor next year!

Scandinavian Christmas decorations

I would normally use battery-operated candles or string lights on the table, but I figured real greenery deserves real candles. These traditional taper candles and black candlestick holders complemented the garland so well, and really pulled the vibe together. Fun fact: the candle holders don’t even fully match. I got this one from Michaels and these two from Amazon. This isn’t some weird décor thing I’m going for, I actually like the Michael’s version better, but they were sold out of the smaller sizes and I had to improvise haha. 

I also opted not to use a full place-setting this year, in keeping with the minimal, Scandinavian-inspired approach. Instead, I rolled up my casual linen napkins and placed them at each seat.

Scandinavian Christmas decorations

Scandinavian Christmas decorations

Scandinavian Christmas decorations

To add a little interest and, dare I say, color, I incorporated pomegranates and dried orange slices in order to complement the natural look. 

These little pigs are some of my favorite tabletop items and I love any opportunity to bring them out. When I was in Brazil a few years ago, I was out to dinner at a restaurant and they used these pigs to display the flatware rather than wrapping it in a napkin or something of the like. There’s no flatware on this table per the no place setting vibe, but the restaurant displayed it such that the base of the knife and fork were on the table and the tops were leaning onto the pig’s backs. I thought it was so unique and cool at the time, and I somehow convinced the restaurant to allow me to buy a set from them. I use “I” loosely there because it was really all Max, who speaks fluent Portuguese. 

What did you guys think of this minimalist tablescape? Do you like this one or the glammed-up version from previous years best? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

By Paces West

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