• Transitional Footwear For Any Occasion

    This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link in this post and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. All product selections and opinions are my own. Summer is drawing to a close, which means we’re in for a good month or so of […]

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    August 31, 2021 By Paces West
  • I Wanted to Sculpt My Face With Cheek and Jawline Filler – Here Are My Results

    PSA: It’s not just contouring. Sky high cheekbones and chiseled jawlines are ubiquitous these days on Instagram, and I’m personally a huge fan of the ultra-defined look. Truthfully, I’ve been a fan ever since Olivia Wilde debuted her gorgeous angular face on The O.C. many moons ago (IYKYK). But alas, no matter how many YouTube […]

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    July 12, 2021 By Paces West
  • Summer Knits x Revolve

    This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link in this post and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. All product selections and opinions are my own. Maybe it’s because I spent summer 2020 in sweats, but I have been especially eager to *enhance* […]

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    June 24, 2021 By Paces West
  • Homemade Pizza Recipe

    Easy Homemade Pizza Like A Pro

    If you caught my recent post with Max’s homemade bagel recipe, you know we leaned in hard to the bread-making trend that dominated quarantine. Once he mastered the bagel dough, the natural next step was to move on to pizza. If you follow me on Instagram, you most likely caught some of our pizza making trials and […]

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    June 21, 2021 By Paces West
  • How To Keep Dark Jeans From Fading

    How To Keep Your Dark Jeans From Fading

    This is going to be a quickie post with no frills – just an essential, and dare I say, life changing cleaning tip for your dark denim. I know, I know you, were hoping for my usual long winded essay. Next time, I promise! No matter how carefully I washed my black jeans and dark […]

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    June 15, 2021 By Paces West
  • eco-friendly self care products

    Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Self-Care Products

    After writing my Earth Day post with eco-friendly alternatives to common household items, I started thinking about other areas where waste and single-use plastics abound. It didn’t take me long to land on the beauty and self-care section of my life. Beauty and makeup products are notorious for their hard-to-recycle packaging and overuse of plastic, and […]

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    June 8, 2021 By Paces West
  • eco friendly alternatives to household products

    11 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Common Household Items

    It’s no secret that many of our common household products are riddled with chemicals and other human and planet-damaging ingredients we can’t pronounce. Not to mention they’re often packaged in single-use plastic or hard to recycle materials. Growing up my mom always stressed the importance of planet and animal-friendly practices, and those early lessons have […]

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    April 22, 2021 By Paces West
  • homemade bagel recipe

    Max’s Bagels

    A few days ago, the familiar “on this day” photo memory collage popped up on my iPhone. This particular one was dedicated entirely to Max’s adventures in bagel-making. In the early days of quarantine, as we watched all of our spring and summer trips get canceled one after the other, we turned to the only […]

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    April 14, 2021 By Paces West
  • DIY Display Pedestal for Under $100

    You’ve probably seen these art display pedestals gracing minimalist-chic interior posts on Instagram. As someone who has fully embraced the neutral, minimalist aesthetic in every way, these clean, modern columns instantly grabbed my attention. I’ve seen them used to display everything from plants and floral arrangements to intricate sculptures. I loved the idea of moving […]

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    February 13, 2021 By Paces West
  • Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    I’m not a proponent of super couple-y Valentine’s Day traditions. Max and I religiously avoided going out to restaurants on vday even in the pre-pandemic era, and we don’t exchange gifts on this holiday. That said, I’m all for an excuse to treat yourself (or bullying your partner into treating you haha), especially after the […]

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    February 11, 2021 By Paces West
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