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Transitional Footwear For Any Occasion

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Summer is drawing to a close, which means we’re in for a good month or so of torture from Mother Nature’s seasonal whims. In the best of times, warm late-summer days fade into cooler evenings. But the more likely scenario is that of unpredictable weeks of sweltering heat followed by a cold snap with some not-at-all-helpful 40% chances of rain thrown in between. Deciding what to wear for any occasion can be difficult this time of year, and footwear is no exception.

I have the added misfortune of traveling for the majority of the upcoming month, with events from weddings to sporting events sprinkled throughout. Deciding what to pack for my month-long excursion was nothing short of a migraine-inducing experience. Fortunately for you, however, it forced me to pick out shoes that can work for multiple occasions, outfits, and weather events. I’m sharing all of my favorites from Revolve below!


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In case you can’t tell, I’ve a penchant for ankle ties and inventive heel shapes. These are the shoes I’m wearing in the cover of this post, and the Gelato heels I’m wearing above are some of my all-time favorites. I have my eyes on #1 above next!


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I prefer a high heel over a low one any day, but I’m 5’11’ and sometimes that’s just not an option if I want my clothes to look like they actually fit correctly. That said, I’m so glad we’ve graduated beyond just the boring simple kitten heel look as our only low-heeled option. I’m absolutely pining for #1 above (can you tell I have a weakness for all the Song of Style shoes), but they sold out so quickly in my size! I will say this about Revolve’s shoe selection, particularly those from their in-house brands, if you like them BUY THEM. They frequently sell out fast and even though they are great about restocking their popular styles, the preorder period can be months!


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There’s something about a chic sandal that just gives off such an effortlessly cool vibe. I’ve embraced this look a lot this summer, and it has become my new go-to for easy style.


fall shoes
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I’d be remiss if I didn’t share a few favorites for the upcoming fall season. I think these three are great transitional styles for early fall. I’m particularly obsessed with the ball-heeled loafers I mean how quickly can I add those to cart?

By Paces West

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